Oral Examination
& Oral Cancer Screening

What is a complete/comprehensive oral examination and how often should it be performed?

It is recommended that a comprehensive oral examination is done on a patient’s first dental visit.

Your dentist will use this time, typically 1 hour, to ensure that all information is up-to-date. This will include:

  • Your medical history, allergies, etc.
  • Chart all existing conditions like:
    • Broken or missing teeth
    • Existing fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, dentures
    • Signs of abnormalities like lymph nodes, swellings, lesions, pigmentation
    • Signs of grinding, clenching, jaw joints (TMJ)
    • Position and occlusion of teeth
    • Soft tissue examinations
    • Oral cancer screening
  • Take necessary x-rays and photos
  • Diagnosis and recommended treatment plan with you based on findings
  • Referrals to specialists as needed

It is recommended that the comprehensive oral examination be repeated every 3 years.

At Beaumaris Dental Care, Dr. Sara will carry out all the procedures while ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the examination.

6-month oral examination

Patients are advised to have periodic oral exams every 6 months to assess your oral health and check for any changes that may have occurred since your last visit. You will be able to prevent a host of dental health related problems by visiting your dentist every 6 months.

Oral Cancer Screening

1 in 3 people diagnosed with oral cancer in Canada die and this is mainly due to late detection of oral cancer. Early diagnosis of oral cancer through screening and early detection is critical. Survival is much better when diagnosed at an early stage.

At Beaumaris Dental Care, oral cancer screening will be done with your routine checkup and cleaning.